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With over 25 years experience as an Electro-Optics Engineer with a proven track record in active and passive EO/IR systems, theoretical modeling and hands-on ability, I specialize in product development and engineering of sensor systems, holography, and electro-optical devices. 


  • Diffraction grating (to 1 square meter) test tool (stitching interferometer) $500K contract win
  • Space based LIDAR proposal for JPL Jupiter moon mapper on satellite (proposal)
  • Designed, built, and tested gun-fire detector and subsequently brought in $1.5M Army contract win
  • Thermal weapon sight (TWS) proposal editor - $10M win
  • DARPA integrated optical laser gyro contract principal investigator ($3.6M)
  • Technical task leader for proposal that brought in a $6M program (“FLIR camera on a pole”)  
  • Performed system design and analysis on a $360K missile seeker IRAD that resulted in a $6M win

EXPERIENCE (1981 to Present):

2012-Present ODHNER HOLOGRAPHICS  (Amherst, NH) (part time until 2012 when it became full time)

President (Current DOD clearance: SECRET)

Consultant in electro-optics and fiber optics: Designed, built and tested Rayleigh backscatter sensor, initiated interferometer sensor program; RF photonics: OEO (10 GHz optical electronic oscillator).

Manufacturing of Stabilock II Fringe Stabilizer: adaptive optics for improving efficiency of holograms and diffractive optical elements (own Zemax EE, Solid Works Professional, MatLab, LabView, MathCad, Vectorworks (CAD)).

Designed, built and delivered diffraction grating tool that categorized defects (image processing) and a stitching interferometer (diffracted wave-front testing of gratings up to 1 m2. ($500K contract).

2008-2012 OPTICS1, Inc. (Manchester, NH)

Sr. Principal Electro-Optics Engineer

Specialized in new product development and AMOSS (airborne multi-spectral optical sensor system)

Designed, built, and tested gun-fire detector and subsequently brought in $1.5M Army contract.

Wrote and submitted multiple SBIR proposals.

Sensor performance modeling: MatLab/MathCAD/NVL models/optics in Zemax/mechanical: Solid Works.

2004-2008 BAE Systems (British Aerospace Corporation) (Formerly Lockheed Sanders Corporation)

Sr. Principal Research Engineer

Designed built and tested targeting system: flash LIDAR using an InGaAs gated camera, laser ranger, FLIR, GPS, and e-compass all integrated in one package. Performed  image processing of  FLIR and SWIR pictures to enhance target.

Built and tested a 3D flash LIDAR.  Used image processing to create 3D images from 2D slices.  

Thermal weapon sight proposal editor (proposal was won - $10M); proficient NVTHERM, SSCAM S/W tools.

Atmospheric turbulence analysis and laser particle scatter analysis for laser detector proposal (a win)

1999-2003 INTELLISENSE CORPORATION, Wilmington, MA (Purchased by Corning Corp. (Corning , NY)

Senior Research Engineer – Integrated Optics Group

Principal Investigator for a DARPA integrated optical laser gyro contract ($3.6M) 

Responsible for development of telecom devices using MEMS technology, waveguide modeling using beam propagation software, making and modifying photolithography masks for opto-electronic MEMS devices. 

Designed, built and tested automated test stations:  MEMS micro-mirror array characterization, magnet array 3D field strength, silicon wafer hole array characterization using image processing. 

1996 - 1999 SANDERS CORPORATION, Merrimack, NH

Principal Physicist—Advanced Technology Electro-Optics Group

       Manager of Internal R&D (IRAD) for laser group ($500K); monitor program progress and costs. 

       Negotiated additional $100K SEED IRAD into laser group. 

       Developed laser beam-rider missile countermeasures. 

       Specified test hardware and test procedure for successful evaluation of an IR (infrared) countermeasure system. 

       Characterized OPO (Optical Parametric Oscillator) performance for various IR lasers. 


(Formerly Westinghouse Electro-Optic Systems)

Electro-Optics Systems Engineer

Calculated performance prediction analysis of FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red)/TV system which facilitated  

     Canadian business partnership and subsequent $50M win. 

       Technical task leader for proposal which brought in a $6M program. 

       Westinghouse Presidents Quality Achievement Award Nomination (1995) for solving a FLIR to computer data

            communication problem and a "team player can-do attitude." 

1983 - 1993 LOCKHEED MARTIN, Orlando, FL (Formerly Martin Marietta Aerospace)

Engineering Task Leader

Supervision: mechanical/electrical/optical/algorithm development for a multi-spectral IR missile seeker. 

Performed system design and analysis on a $360K missile seeker IRAD that resulted in a $6M program.

Received Martin Marietta Industrial Associate Award, a scholarship program to enable full-time Masters’

   Degree study while working part-time with full salary. 

Provided electro-optics analysis for an Air Defense Advanced Program multi-million dollar R&D seeker 

   program. Oversaw design and assembly of optics, lab testing, and interface with electro-optics vendors. 

Principal investigator for R&D multi-spectral visible sensor laser detector.

Calculated performance analysis and algorithm development of directed energy weapon system (Stingray).   Designed and taught continuing education course on Holography (22 hour course). 

1981 - 1982 AUTECH CORPORATION, Columbus, OH

Development Engineer

Designed, built, and tested laser measurement systems for wire and cable process control. 

PUBLICATIONS Partial (10 publications as of 4/15): 

An accurate modeling, simulation, and analysis tool for predicting and estimating Raman LIDAR system performance, R. Grasso, J. Barrett, J. Odhner, Lidar Remote Sensing for Env. Monitoring VIII. Edited by U.N. Singh, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 6681, pp. 66810D (2007).

Electromagnetically Actuated Mirror Arrays for use in 3-D Optical Switching Applications, J. Bernstein, Senior Member IEEE, W. Taylor, J. Brazzle,, C. Corcoran, G. Kirkos, J. Odhner, A. Pareek, M. Waelti, and M. Zai,  JMEMS, 2004.

Infrared spectro-radiometer design based on an acousto-optic tunable filter, J. Odhner, L. Taylor, Imaging     Spectroscopy, SPIE Proceedings Vol. 2480, June 1995. 

Novel technique for characterizing integrated optical waveguides, SPIE Proceedings 2000, presented at Photonics West 2000.

PATENTS Partial (Total = 14 patents plus several patents pending as of 7/14): 

US 7,233,394: Compact Spectrometer  US  6,898,009 B2, US  6,621,607 B1 &: Diffractive Display

US 6,342,960: Wavelength Division Multiplex Transmitter US 4,746,798 & Canadian #1,295,157: Compact Optical Radiometer: (Martin Marietta Inventor Award)


       Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (1988) 

       Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (1981)

       Certificates: "Intensive Workshop on Laser Holography" Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL, ‘82, ‘83, ‘90 


       Board Member/Past Officer: The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival (1991-Present) Winter Park, FL 

       Amherst 4th of July Parade steering committee member (2001-Present)

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