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Odhner Holographics was founded in 1981 to make custom holograms and provide design, build, test, production services of electro-optical devices and systems.  The company has an extensive laboratory with multiple lasers, isolation tables and electro-optical equipment designed to solve a wide variety of problems related to the interaction of light with matter.

The primary product is an electronic device called the Stabilock II Fringe Stabilizer that enables holographers to make brighter holograms by “locking” the fringes in place during exposure.  

The grating test station fully characterizes diffraction gratings and includes a stitching interferometer for mapping out the flatness of the grating or the shaper of the diffracted wave-front.

Consulting services cover a wide area including custom holographic optical elements, fiber optic sensors, a 3D magnetic field mapper, micron-sized hole quality tester, a MEMS micro-mirror test station, aerogel mirrors (the worlds lightest mirror) and a hand held spectrometer.  

We look forward to solving your electro-optics problems - big or small.

Odhner Holographics, P.O. Box 841, Amherst, NH 03031
Phone: (603) 673-8651    Fax: (603) 673-8685